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Q: What is Bengalngo?

Answer: Bengalngo is a forum to help NGOs in Bengal with a Help Desk and support system. Through bengalngo, NGOs can seek advisory help as also exchange their resources like technical know-how, project ideas, experts like Trainers and Motivators. NGOs shall also receive information on GOI Policies towards rules and information regarding taxation, registration, rules and laws regarding funding from various private and government organizations.

Q: What is the organizational structure of Bengalngo?

Answer: Bengalngo is a division of Yatra Society registered under Societies Act 1961, having its Corporate Office at Kolkata and Project Office at Santiniketan, Bolpur, West Bengal.

Q: Who are the people behind bengalngo?

Answer: Bengalngo is led by Sri Robin Ghosh, Economist, Management and Communication Consultant, having more than 25 years of experience. He is also President of Santiniketan Society of Youth Empowerment. He is assisted by a team of experts and consultants.

Q: Is the Membership of Bengalngo free?

Answer: It is indeed free. Once you register yourself with bengalngo, you receive free advisory services. However, for specific services like registration, creation of project report, funding proposal – bengalngo will help you in getting in touch with experienced Consultants who shall charge depending on the assignment.You shall directly be paying to the Consultant once the fee and the terms are settled.

Q: What is free advisory service?

Answer: The free advisory services include information in the area of registration, certification, project report, government schemes, fundraising opportunities, and communication and media issues.

Q: How do we know various regulations governing the operation of NGO from time to time?

Answer: Once you become a member, you shall receive a newsletter which will inform you regarding changing regulations and information about various issues that impacts operation of an NGO .